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My Fellow Cougars,                                                                                                              August 12, 2013

I cannot begin to descirbe how thrilled and honored I am to be able to address you as your newly elected undergraduate student body president. The College of Charleston is truly an amazing institution located in an equally amazing city. Your choice to call the College of Charleston your home for the new few years presents you with some of the greatest opportunities imaginable.

The College of Charleston was founded in 1770 by a number of individuals who played a key role in the American Revolution as well as the establishment of the new republic (three were signers of the Declaration of Independence). The history of our college dates back hundreds of years and is being continued everyday. Through your decision to call yourself a CofC student, you too, are a part of that history.

Over they next few years you will learn a great deal about the College. You will learn why we do not walk across the cistern until graduation day, what the Latin inscription about Porter's Lodge represents and many other facts unique to our campus. So, until then, let me give you some general advice:

1. Buy a pair of rain boots (guys, even you should invest in a pair of these). You know the old saying "When it rains, it pours"? Well I am almost postivie that was written with Charleston in mind.

2. Schedule your spring semester classes early. Now, you might be thinking early classes do not sound intriguing. However, the earlier you're done with class, the sooner you can be tanning on one of the many great beaches.

3. Go to every sports game you can. Charleston has an incredible athletics progran, and while football is absent, that simply gives up a chance to devote our energy and cheers to any of our other amazing sports.

4. Get involved. The sooner you find an organization or a team to become a part of, the sooner the college will transition from school to a home for you. Our college has over 230 student run organizations, club sports teams, and a thriving Greek community - find what fits you and dive in.

5. Don't be embarrassed if you trip on a cobblestone or loose brick on campus. We here in Charleston call it the "Chucktown Shuffle". Embrace it. It's inevitable.

6. Lastly, take it all in. College will be the most demanding, eye opening, incredible experience any of us are lucky to have. So make friends, make memories, and make your time here count.

So this is a letter to challenge you. To challenge you to explore the city, explore the campus, experience the opportunities available to you, and remember why you are here. Go to the farmer's market on a Saturday morning in Marion Square, walk in the middle of King Street on Second Sunday, take a run down to the battery and lay in Battry Park, enroll in a Maymester course and spend your summer in Charleston. The opportunites are endless. When you walk around campus, think of all of the scholars who have come before you, those individuals standing with you and the students sure to come after you. And know that I, along with the rest of the Student Government Assocation are here to help you, in anyway we can, to make these the best years of your life.



Jordan Hensley

Student Body President





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