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My Fellow Cougars,                                                                                                    

My name is Ryan Spraker and it is an incredible honor to be serving you as your Student Body President. With your first steps onto the bricks this fall, the College of Charleston will quickly become your home. As you begin your journey here at the College, take advantage of every day that you have this place to call your own.

Founded in 1770 by three future signers of the Declaration of Independence and three crafters of the U.S. Constitution, the history of our college runs along that of our nation. Take in the beauty of the historic cistern yard, explore the antebellum homes and take a walk down to the Battery.  Your decision to become a student at the College of Charleston and sign the Class Ledger writes you into our history. 

During the next few months, your eyes will be opened to new opportunities, you will make the best of friends, and you will have the time of your life. Take advantage of every door that opens for you. Join a club, play a sport, join Greek Life, run for Student Government or work to save the planet. We have over 250 student organizations on our campus and, if you can’t find your perfect fit, you can grab 10 friends and make your own!  

So, take advantage of all of the adventures that the College lays in front of you. Remember to make the most of your time and push to find your passion. College is about opening your eyes, broadening your horizons, and pursuing your dreams. Take classes outside of your major, roam through Charleston, and try something unexpected. Every day will bring new and exciting challenges for you as you explore what the College of Charleston has to offer. I know that my time here at the College has been incredible and that our time will be just as great!

Please feel free to let the Student Government Association know if there is something that you want done on our campus. I look forward to seeing you on the bricks!


For Our College,


Ryan Tyler Spraker ’16

Student Body President

Student Government Association

College of Charleston

C: (843) 685-7632

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