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It is a great honor to serve the College of Charleston student body as President of the Student Government Association this academic year. I feel so incredibly fortunate to represent some of the most outstanding human beings I have ever met here at the College, and it is a treasure to be able to work on your behalf this year. Our organization enters this year on the heels of some of the most exciting news in SGA’s history—the first full Senate, the highest Spring voter turnout, the greatest number of Executive Board applications, the most successful fall Bike Auction, an upper-level administrator acting as our new primary advisor, an entirely re-shaped and updated organizational structure, and the greatest number of students serving on SGA committees in recent history. These changes aggregately allow our officers to be fully committed to our primary role as representatives: to effectively serve the students at the College of Charleston. Servant leadership underscores the day-in, day-out mission of SGA, which is a commitment our Executive Board has aptly coined “Your Vision, Our Mission.” We seek to actively respond to student needs, concerns, input, and help effectuate appropriate changes on campus that best serve the greatest constituents I have ever known—the students at the College of Charleston. Our Student Organization Review board has been persistent in bringing new organizations to campus, our Allocations committee has worked hard to appropriately fund those organizations, and our Executive Initiative Directors have directed their committees to work as teams in bringing positive changes on behalf of our students. Meanwhile, our Executive Council has proudly charted the overall organizational direction of SGA, independently respond to student concerns, and constantly seek to implement ways to more adequately serve our students. Thank you for allowing not only me but also all of our officers at SGA to represent you every day this academic year. Please reach out with any concerns, questions, or comments you might have. Also, feel free to search our website for additional information or contact relevant officers with specific inquiries. 

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