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Current Initiatives

In SGA's efforts to be transparent we like to share with you our current and accomplished initiatives. If you would like to be involved with any of our current initiatives then please let us know because we would love to work with more of our students!

Current Initiatives

Director Pullin:

  • The committee is working on a solution for the lack of outlets on the first floor of Addlestone Library. They are looking to partner with Oomf, a third-party that supplies rentable, portable chargers to college campuses.

  • Working in collaboration with the Office of Admissions has persisted in trying to add an LGBTQ+ signifier on the undergraduate application for students within the community to self-identify. This would improve The College’s ability to track graduation, transfer, and drop-out rates of this group.

  • In an effort to reduce the use of plastic on campus, the committee has pushed closer towards supplying Barnes & Noble with reusable grocery bags to use in place of the current plastic bags.

  • The committee continues its work last semester with the national campaign - Take Back the Tap. This is an initiative to reduce single-use plastic water bottle consumption on the College of Charleston campus. Currently they are working on the installation of more water bottle refill stations on campus and reducing single use plastics at campus events.

  • Her committee is also working on accessibility access initiatives for students with disabilities.

  • Also plan to work on mental health improvements, Safety on campus (Lighting on campus), Bottle refill station maps, meditative space, more bike racks, and concerns about dorms


Director Brown:

  • Director Brown’s committee continues to maintain SGA’s umbrella rental program that students can borrow when it’s raining. Baskets of umbrellas are located in residence halls as well as certain academic buildings, where students can take on and drop it off at their destination.
  • The committee is working to enhance outdoor spaces, specifically Stern Gardens, by adding more picnic tables.
  • They are looking closely to improve the College of Charleston bike share program by ensuring that it is effective and easy for students to use. These efforts will consist mostly of publicizing the information so students are aware the resources available.
  • Continuing Director Pullin’s initiative from last semester, the committee is restocking the SGA sponsored care packages in Health Services.
Also focusing on a heavier Social Media presence for SGA. 

Director Rothstein: 

  • Working with Public safety to talk about the campus escort system. 
  • Meeting with Dr. Wofford and Dr. Newnan and Karen Ipert, about LSAT test funding. They are also meeting with people in development to eventually reach out to alumni for funding. This will be a  year long process that we hope to see come into effect next year.
  • Senators Collins and Meis have been working to get blankets and hammorks avalible to check out of Stern and to be used in stern Gardens. 

Individual Initiatives:

  • Charleston Green Taxi

    • President Keeffe: SGA is currently contracting to give CofC students a collective $7,000 worth of free rides, as well as an additional 15% discount, through Charleston Green Taxi. These discounts are set to go into effect next semester.

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