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Current Initiatives

In SGA's efforts to be transparent we like to share with you our current and accomplished initiatives. If you would like to be involved with any of our current initiatives then please let us know because we would love to work with more of our students!

Current Initiatives:  

Director Pullin:

  • The committee is working on a solution for the lack of outlets on the first floor of Addlestone Library. They are looking to partner with Oomf, a third-party that supplies rentable, portable chargers to college campuses.

  • They have begun an initiative to get clocks in all the classrooms that don’t have them and repairing pre-existing ones that don’t work (starting with Maybank Hall).

  • Working in collaboration with the Office of Admissions has persisted in trying to add an LGBTQ+ signifier on the undergraduate application for students within the community to self-identify. This would improve The College’s ability to track graduation, transfer, and drop-out rates of this group.

  • Work has progressed with Physical Plant to install a dog waste station in Barnet Courtyard (the park across from CVS on George St. and Saint Philip St.)

  • In an effort to reduce the use of plastic on campus, the committee has pushed closer towards supplying Barnes & Noble with reusable grocery bags to use in place of the current plastic bags.


Director Conti:

  • The committee continues its work last semester with the national campaign - Take Back the Tap. This is an initiative to reduce single-use plastic water bottle consumption on the College of Charleston campus. Currently they are working on the installation of more water bottle refill stations on campus and reducing single use plastics at campus events.

  • In creating a more sustainable campus, they are working to get reusable bags at Market 159 and Stern Center food court.

  • They are working to promote the “bring your own mug” discount (99 cents!) at PODs, Stern Center Food Court, Starbucks, Einsteins, and Market 159.

  • Her committee is also working on accessibility access initiatives for students with disabilities.

  • Within the committee, Senator Landon Bridges heads the Pep Club, working closely with CofC Athletics and Sports Marketing to create a more spirited student body.


Director Brown:

  • Director Brown’s committee continues to maintain SGA’s umbrella rental program that students can borrow when it’s raining. Baskets of umbrellas are located in residence halls as well as certain academic buildings, where students can take on and drop it off at their destination.

  • The committee is working to enhance outdoor spaces, specifically Stern Gardens, by adding more picnic tables.

  • They are looking closely to improve the College of Charleston bike share program by ensuring that it is effective and easy for students to use. These efforts will consist mostly of publicizing the information so students are aware the resources available.

  • Continuing Director Pullin’s initiative from last semester, the committee is restocking the SGA sponsored care packages in Health Services.


Director Lifchez:

  • The committee is focusing on marketing and awareness for SGA, promoting initiatives, events, and services provided by SGA to the student body. To do so, we have started weekly “Fun Fact Friday” and “Senator Spotlight” posts on the SGA instagram page (@cofc_sga), and have created a SGA snapchat account (@sga_cofc) in order to reach a larger audience. They are working on creating flyers and brochures to put around campus that will provide basic information about SGA, such as executive council office hours and public seating for Senate meetings, in addition to completed and ongoing initiatives.

  • They have begun a pilot program in which SGA will provide expo markers in study rooms in Addlestone Library.

  • Within the committee, Senator Josh Roller is working to initiate an “Enough is Enough” Campaign, meant to promote an anti-rape culture on campus.


Individual Initiatives:

  • Food Insecurity

    • President Helfgott: In collaboration with the Food Insecurity Task Force, SGA is developing a pilot program to distribute excess food from catered, on-campus events for CofC students. The program will begin after Spring Break and procedures to opt-in to the program will be shared with students in the near future.

  • Charleston Green Taxi

    • Vice-President Keeffe: SGA is currently contracting to give CofC students a collective $7,000 worth of free rides, as well as an additional 15% discount, through Charleston Green Taxi. These discounts are set to go into effect next semester.

Recently Completed Initiatives:

  • Inclusive Bylaws

    • Director Pullin and President Pro Tempore Palacios have successfully amended all bylaws of the Student Government Association to use gender neutral pronouns, fostering a more inclusive and welcoming environment to senators and students.

  • Crosswalk

    • Director Conti’s committee passed a resolution to install a crosswalk at St. Philip St. and Liberty St.

  • Grade Redemption policy passed through Faculty Senate

    • A policy designed so that students who have received a C- or below have the ability to retake a class and redeem it for a better grade, contingent upon certain factors. The policy is slated to go into effect in 2019, dependent upon advances made by the Registrar’s Office & Information Technology.  

  • Pilot Program to provide free feminine hygiene products

    • President Alexandra Helfgott and Senator Zainab Dossaji have successfully secured support to provide free feminine hygiene products in select CofC restrooms. The program will be utilized to gauge student demand for accessibility to feminine hygiene products and dispensaries around campus.

  • Diversity Forum

    • Vice-President Keeffe has coordinated and carried out the SGA Diversity Forum in order to voice student concerns to the administration.

  • CARTA route to grocery store

    • Vice-President Keeffe has established a CARTA route to Harris Teeter from campus, Route 204.

  • Guest Meal Swipes

    • Guest meal swipes are now available for unlimited/12 meals per week meal plans.

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