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Current Initiatives

In SGA's efforts to be transparent we like to share with you our current and accomplished initiatives. If you would like to be involved with any of our current initiatives then please let us know because we would love to work with more of our students!

Current Initiatives:  

Director Conti:Director Conti’s committee is working with the College of Charleston to encourage the utilization of refillable containers at its facilities and functions, be it further encouraging the College of Charleston to support efforts to educate the campus community regarding the value and benefits of using Charleston water system for all its water needs. The committee is challenging the College of Charleston to ban the sale and distribution of single-use plastic water bottles on the College of Charleston campus and replace bottled water, whenever appropriate, with tap water. Additionally, they are working with the College of Charleston to reinvest in drinking fountain infrastructure by increasing and retrofitting drinking fountains on campus and no longer providing bottled water in vending machines on campus.

Director Pullin:Director Pullin’s committee is working on several different initiatives around campus, including improvements to Health Services, creating a rental program for professional clothing, solving the problem of the lack of outlets in Addlestone, and much more. The committee has been working closely with the Director of Student Health Services to provide free dental dams, just as free condoms are provided. Once the weather cools off, Director Pullin’s committee is also hoping to roll out SGA sponsored care packages in Health Services, which will include soup and tea to help sick students feel better.

The committee is also working closely with Chief of Staff Williams on an initiative to implement a rental program for professional attire exclusive to students at the College of Charleston. This program, known as Cougar Closet, would allow students to make the best impression possible by offering them access to professional clothing for job interviews, conferences, etc.

After requests from many students to increase the quantity of outlets in the library, Director Pullin’s committee is currently researching portable charging ports as an alternative to purchasing more outlet tables and will be ordering them in the near future.

Freshman Committee: In addition to learning about SGA as an organization, the Freshman Committee is working on a variety of diverse initiatives. They are striving to implement a guest meal swipe policy for meal plans that currently lack the option to swipe in guests. They are working to increase the number of water bottle refill stations around campus and have plans to install the newest station on the 4th floor of Stern. Additionally, they are collaborating with RHA to improve recycling efforts in the residence halls and bring rounded mirrors to select stairwells in dorms around campus.

Individual Initiatives:
  • Eno Rental Program at Stern

    • Senator Maria Carrillo-Marquina is working to determine pricing and purchase enos for the eno rental program in the Stern Student Life Center, as well as planning a checkout method for them.

  • Updated digital database of Bachelor’s Essays & Independent Studies

    • Senator Devin McSween is working with Tyler Mobley, the digital services librarian in Addlestone, to create/update a digital database of past bachelor's essays and independent studies.

  • Shuttle to the grocery store & development of a ride share program

    • Vice President Tripp Keeffe is working to partner with a ride share program to bring free or low cost rides to campus. Working to establish a route from campus, through Carta or another service, to the grocery store for students.

  • Pep Club

    • Chief of Staff Jonah Williams has founded a Pep Club designed to foster and promote school spirit among CofC students in order to enhance their collegiate experience via sporting events.

Recently Completed Initiatives:

  • Grade Redemption policy passed through Faculty Senate

    • A policy designed so that students who have received a C- or below have the ability to retake a class and redeem it for a better grade, contingent upon certain factors. The policy is slated to go into effect in 2019, dependent upon advances made by the Registrar’s Office & Information Technology.  

  • Pilot Program to provide free feminine hygiene products

    • President Alexandra Helfgott and Senator Zainab Dossaji have successfully secured support to provide free feminine hygiene products in select CofC restrooms. The program, scheduled to run from November until Spring Break, will be utilized to gauge student demand for accessibility to feminine hygiene products and dispensaries around campus.

  • Crosswalk installed on Liberty St.

  • Standardized add/drop period

    • We have confirmed that the add/drop period is set up so that student will always have 5 full days of classes before the period ends.

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