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Current Initiatives

In SGA's efforts to be transparent we like to share with you our current and accomplished initiatives. If you would like to be involved with any of our current initiatives then please let us know because we would love to work with more of our students!

Current Initiatives

Here is a list of ongoing SGA initiativesfor the Spring 2019 Semester:

  • Work to create a program to incentivize students, through student organizations, to attend events that would be beneficial for the campus, including events that would enhance the campus climate on diversity, school spirit and safety.
  • Increase communication further by creating a program whereby student organizations could request representatives from student government for the purposes of hearing out concerns or explaining SGA processes.
  • Work with the administration, faculty, staff, and student body to create a marketable pledge to uphold the institution's values that could be given to incoming students.
  • Streamline the FAST Form to be more conducive to self-reporting incidents of discomfort or concern.
  • Work with the Office of Institutional Diversity to create a diverse lunch group to introduce students to those across various racial or cultural lines that they might not otherwise meet, to foster a stronger climate of inclusion on campus.
  • Work to create more networks for engagement between Alumni of Color and Students of Color.
  • Work with IT to roll out the LiveSafe safety app successfully over summer 2019.
  • Work to get more glove recycling options for science students in the Rita Liddy Hollings Science Center.
  • Execute a social media push to make students aware of the various discounts available to them in the Charleston area.
  • Work with the City of Charleston to implement the above mentioned Traffic Safety Initiatives.

Here is a list of completed SGA Initiativesfor the 2018-2019 Academic Year (up to February 2019): 

  • Secured an annual funding and distribution plan for free feminine hygiene products around campus in collaboration with Facilities and the Division of Student Affairs.
  • Ran a successful pilot program of free ride sharing through Charleston Green Taxi.
  • Improved SGA communication with student body through the creation of a position for enhancing communication and running social media, through holding more meet and greet events on campus, and through a collaboration with CisternYard Media.
  • Aided the Board of Trustees and Presidential Search Committee by providing student input and feedback throughout all phases of the presidential search.
  • Worked with the faculty and administration to create an Open Educational Resource (OER) incentive program that began this semester (spring 2019).
  • Worked with the Office of the Registrar and IT to make unofficial transcripts easier to download.
  • Passed a resolution expressing student support for certain changes around campus that would enhance traffic safety, with implementation to be discussed with city officials this semester (spring 2019) in coordination with the President’s Office.
  • Got approval for the creation of a new crosswalk across St. Philip Street at Liberty and St. Philip Streets.
  • Organized and completed a safety walk with Public Safety and facilities staff to make both areas aware of parts of campus that are less safe so improvements can be made.
  • Created a dedicated diversity council to ensure SGA is hearing concerns from as many different communities on campus as possible.
  • Organized and executed a successful bike auction and donated some of the available bikes to the Office of Sustainability to further develop their Bike Share Program.
  • Aided the Division of Student Affairs and Office of Institutional Diversity in conducting listening sessions about how to respond to an incidence of racism on Halloween and, in response to the concerns expressed, passed a sweeping resolution of initiatives aimed at fostering a more inclusive and diverse campus climate.
  • Worked with Aramark to provide student feedback and student concerns to improve Dining Services and catering experiences.
  • Expanded the Excess Food Distribution Program begun last year, and worked with the Food and Housing Security Task Force on their other initiatives to address these issues.
  • Worked with the Faculty General Education Committee to pass a resolution in favor of expanding materials, such as website space, that explain the purpose of general education requirements for the liberal arts tradition to students.
  • Expanded the Pep Club committee on SGA which collaborated with athletics to hold several events aimed at increasing school spirit and athletic event attendance such as a successful tailgate before a home basketball game.
  • Worked with Facilities and IT to bring a synchronized electronic clock system to campus, beginning in Maybank and to be set up as soon as the procured order arrives.
  • Collaborated with Public Safety and City of Charleston Fire Department to distribute new smoke detectors given to the city by a First Alert Grant for Off campus students.
  • Created a blanket and inflatable couch rental program in Stern Student Center.

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