Current Initiatives

In SGA's efforts to be transparent we like to share with you our current and accomplished initiatives. If you would like to be involved with any of our current initiatives then please let us know because we would love to work with more of our students!

Current Initiatives & Accomplishments

Here is a list of ongoing SGA initiatives for the Summer 2021 Semester:

In Progress Initiatives:

  • Vvirtual workshops/collab with MUSC Arts in healing: Meghan has emailed the expressive therapies Dept. & scheduled a meeting to talk about collab opportunity with cofc campus to help promote mental health wellbeing
  • Campus Housing Cleanliness: Amy Orr, Megan Rowe, and John Morris all have said that campus will be investing money into this to clean over the summer
  • Support of Humane Animal Rights in regards to the Horse Carriages: Senator Flynn has researched the Charleston Horse Carriage Rights Advocates group, talked to their leader Ellen and is not researching and collecting evidence for how this pertains to the cofc student experience
  • Supporting EMT and Fire: Senator Lassoe mentioned that the EMS/Fire program is at risk of being cut and we should show support for their contribution to campus
  • Dual Enrollment Student Initiative: Senator Lassoe will be meeting with Matthew Garrison soon to discuss this further
  • Composting Initiative: Senator Maresh met with Darcy Everette and made a list of ideas. He contacted Barry Residence Hall regarding to new teracycling bins and is in collaboration with sustainability interns.
  • Free Wifi around Charleston: Senator Outlaw has made a list of free wifi around Charleston and will contact Alec for posting.
  • Gender Neutral Bathrooms: Converting faculty restrooms into GNBs: Senator Lederman is working on this; currently checking on Maybank restroom conversion which John Morris said would be done by Winter Break but is not done as of now (3/11); Justin stays checking up on John Morris; JM says that they are working on it
  • Requiring professors to put their pronouns on zoom and their websites: Senator Maresh has reached out to Speaker Lewis about passing this through Faculty Senate; also looking to see if this can be done sooner by going through the different departments; Faculty senate said they couldn't require it because it might cause professors to out themselves BUT to head to the department chairs and see what they can do; Adam is reaching out to department chairs
  • Requiring non-discrimination statements on professors' syllabi: Senator Maresh reached out to Speaker Lewis and is waiting to hear back; some professors already have this on their syllabi
  • Gender Affirmative Housing: Creating Gender Inclusive Housing: Secretary Collins, Cookie, Senator Maguire sat in on a meeting with PRISM, Trans-Student Alliance, and Michigan State Housing to gather information about what that school is doing currently; working with PRISM and TSA to draft a policy and gather research on peer institutions; waiting to see what PRISM/TSA are doing
  • Gender Affirmative Housing: Creating Better Housing Application Questions: From meeting with Michigan State, we are going through CofC's housing questions and gathering information from peer institutions; waiting on PRISM/TSA
  • Name Change Initiative: Official Name Changes for Diplomas: Cookie met with Jensen Cowen who started the petition; Director Evans and Senator Cook have expressed interest in helping out; currently working with Jensen about who to reach out to and what policies are in place currently; Mark Staples (GOAT) said he will get back to us after our meeting and that he is going to help spearhead
  • Intersectional reporting of sexual assault on campus: Cookie started this last year; info about Cleary Act/slideshow for the Cleary Committee is together; bill drafted just need to check with new police chief and present to the Cleary Compliance Committee; Eileen and Megha have a meeting with Kimberly Gertner set up to make sure this is still a good idea and that the Clear Compliance Committee are still down to have us come and speak
  • Helping Julius digitize records (bills/resolutions/notes) in the SGA office and put them on the website SGA is more accessible to people: Julius is on it! but we have a lot to go through so help is needed
  • Creating a system to give international students welcome packages from SGA when they get to school: Spoke to Center for International Education who are fully supportive of the idea; are interested in having handwritten letters from the President/VP, some candy, little cards that have info like places to eat, where to shop (esp for food), etc; also interested in a move-in/move-out closet for students when they move in; Megha has started a list of things to get together; International Club was reached out too
  • Compile a list of already existing mutual aid funds for international students: Came from a meeting with International Students and CIE; Charleston tried to look up some and didn't find any; Desai pointed her to students2stay website
  • Add a local Black history component to the Founding Documents requirement: Idea from the Historical Review Taskforce that has not started; Ele Fish and Sean Cruz are compiling research in their google drive; definitely something to carry on to next year; Desai told them to reach out to Dr. Anthony Greene because he's on the Racial Equity Team which talked about this before
  • Kosher/Halal Food Increased Availability: Senator Lederman had a meeting with Amy Orr about increasing Kosher/Halal food options in the dining halls. CofC is interested in increasing offerings but money is an issue. Senator Lederman and Senator Pack plan to meet with leaders of JSU to see if they can help with funding.
  • Housing Changes: Senator Lederman along with several other senators met with Amy Orr for a general housing meeting where Senator Lederman presented the idea of getting lanyards for student housing keys, as well as Senator Pack's idea for a transfer student house or grouped transfer student housing. Admin sees both as possible. Senator Lederman plans to followup with Amy Orr via email and potentially another group meeting.
  • Crimes on Campus: Senator Schulz plans to look through information gathered by VP Desai regarding crimes on campus, once more detailed questions are formulated she intends to reach out to the office of victim services.
  • Providing more and better avenues for staff who want to take courses at CofC: Idea from the Historical Review Taskforce that has not started; SGA might as well take it on. Senator Eades will begin to compile research about the current policies and support in place and see what our peer institutions do for their staff.
  • Lanyard with Keys or Keychain Idea: After meeting with Amy Orr and Megan Rowe they said they would be open to an idea of providing lanyards at move-in so students do not lose keys

Up to date as of 04/20/21

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